Comparison Chart

Us vs. Them

Designer Kitchen Sinks

Other Kitchen Sinks

Design & Functionality

Small Radius Sinks,
Drains Very Well

Zero Radius, Does NOT Drain Well
- OR -
Wide Radius, Drains Wells, Looks Dated

Drainage Time

Water Drains Fast, Dries Quickly,
(even if cabinets are slightly unlevel)

Never Fully Drains, Must Use Squeegee,
Standing Water Causes Mold
(especially if cabinets are not level)

Quality Stainless Steel

Certified 304 Stainless Steel
from Korea
(exceptional resistance to
corrosion & rust, stays shiny)

Lower Grade 301 Stainless Steel
from China
(less resistant to corrosion,
turns dull & gray, poor longevity)

Thick & Sturdy
*Lower gauge = higher thickness.

Thicker 16 Gauge Steel,
1.5 mm Thick

Thinner 18 Gauge,
1.3 mm Thick

Consistent Thickness

Same Thickness Throughout,
1 Sink per Sheet of Steel

Thinner in Corners,
Multiple Sinks per Sheet of Steel

Sound Reduction

Extra-Thick Pads,
Polyethylene (PE) 1/4" Pads
for Sound Deafening
(used in US auto industry)

No Pads
- OR -
Lower Quality Pad
(used in Asian auto industry)

Heavier Weight

20 lbs.
(thicker, quieter)

15 lbs.
(thinner, louder)

Eco-Friendly Under Coating

Environmentally Safe,
Prevents Condensation that
can Damage Kitchen Cabinets

No Under Coating
- OR -
Not "Green"

Garbage Disposal Horsepower

Rated for 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 Horsepower
Garbage Disposal

Only 1/2 Horsepower  Disposal,
Most Big Box Stores Sell 3/4 Horsepower

Sink Bowl Rack

Free Bottom Grid,
Custom Fit to Sink,
Made from 304 Stainless Steel

Not Available
- OR -
Extra Charge

UPC Certified

Certified to Meet All North American Standards

Check with Manufacturer


Backed by Lifetime Warranty

Check with Manufacturer

Damage-Resistant Packaging

Sturdy Packaging, Thicker Cardboard, Foam Inserts, Damage Rate Less than 1/2%,
Ensures Products Protected in Transit
& Arrive in Perfect Condition

Poor Packaging, Results in Damaged Products,
Must Resend & Wait on Delivery,
Delaying Remodeling Time & Other
Subcontractors from Moving Forward

Installation Ready

Complimentary Mounting Hardware, Plus Cut Out Template Included

No Mounting Hardware Provided
- OR -
Extra Charge

Apron Front / Farmhouse Sink Cabinets

#3321-7 Apron Sink Slides Over Most Existing Cabinets, No Custom Cabinet Required, All Cabinet Doors Line Up

Farmhouse Sinks Usually Require $250-500 of Carpentry Costs, Plus Custom Cabinets with Shorter Cabinet Fronts (don't align with others)