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What is the difference between 16-gauge and 18 gauge stainless steel?
The gauge is how the thickness of the steel is measured. The Lower the number, the thicker and higher quality, so a 16-gauge sink is thicker and stronger than a 18 gauge sink. All of our sinks are crafted individually from each 16-gauge of Korean steel.

What is the difference between 304 stainless and 301 stainless
Type 301 is less resistant to corrosion, turns dull and grey, doesn’t stay shiny, and has poor longevity due to a lower chromium content and higher level of carbon. All of our sinks and bottom grids are 304 stainless.

What is the difference between an undermount and drop-in sink?
An undermount sink is installed recessed into the countertop, while a drop-in sink has a rim that rests on the countertop. All of our sinks are undermount design..

Can an undermount sink be used with laminate counter tops as well?
Due to its design, our Designer Kitchen Sinks are intended for an undermount installation only. This installation is best suited for solid surfact counter materials like granite, soapstone, marble, and concrete. Laminate and tile counters have too many weak points along seams and grout lines to support the weight of an undermount sink.

What is the horsepower of a standard garbage disposal?
The ¾ HP motor is the most common size for most households. Due to the increased noise level of higher horsepower motors. Our Designer Kitchen Sinks are rated for a 1.5 horsepower garbage disposal due to our superior sound reduction and eco-friendly undercoating, which provides added insulation.

What is included?
Our complimentary kitchen sink grid serves as a great protection against scratches and rust spots. All of our sinks include a free 304 stainless steel bottom grid.

Where do I get a DXF …. Template file?

What is standard delivery time?

With a damage rate of less than ½%, we ensure that products are protected in transit and arrive in perfect condition. Once it arrives, we make the installation process stress-free by providing complimentary mounting hardware, a cut-out template, and installation and care instructions to make your life easier.

What does the Limited Lifetime Warranty mean?
All Designer Kitchen Sinks products are protected by a Limited Lifetime Warranty for guaranteed customer satisfaction. Please refer to the Full Warranty for more information.

What is UPC Certified?
The Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) is a model code developed by International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials to govern the installation and inspection of plumbing systems as a means of promoting the public’s health, safety, and welfare. All of our sinks are UPC certified to meet all North American standards with safe and sanitary plumbing systems.

Does Stainless Steel Corrode or Rust?
Stainless steel does not stain, corrode, or rust as easily as ordinary steel. However, it is susceptible to rust staining by other objects found in the kitchen (ex. cast iron pan left in the kitchen sink will stain the sink).
Improper maintenance, abrasive cleaners, excessive scrubbing, and hard water build-up can all damage the protective layer, making the sink susceptible to rusting. Visit our Care & Maintenance page.

How do I protect my kitchen sink?
Our complimentary kitchen sink grids serve as a great protection against scratches and rust spots. All of our sinks include a free 304 stainless steel bottom grid.

Can rust stains be removed?
In order to eliminate stains and rust spots, use a non-abrasive or mild cleaner approximately once a week. Remember that when applying force you should always follow the direction of the grain on the surface. Do not scrub in the opposite direction, or against the grain, as you may scratch the surface of the sink. When finished, rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry with a dishtowel or soft cloth.

What cleaning product do you recommend?
Stainless steel sinks should be wiped with a wild cleaner approximately once per week. We recommend xxx for cleaning all Designer Kitchen Sinks products. Visit our Care & Maintenance page.

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